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11.01.2019 г.

Meetings with Bakhytzhan Bazarbek

To eliminate unnecessary bureaucratic procedures related to land relations that contribute to corruption, as well as to improve the legal culture of citizens in the framework of the project “ZHETISU - ADALDYQ ALANY” a free seminar on land issues is scheduled.

A member of the Agency’s Republican special control group, a well-known public figure, one of the leading experts in land relations, a professional lawyer with extensive experience in legal and judicial practice in land relations Bazarbek Bakytzhan Zhumabekovich was invited as a lecturer.

Citizens can get free professional advice on the following issues:

- provision of land for individual housing construction;

- change of purpose of land;

- land management process, land segmentation;

- withdrawal of land due to non-construction and inappropriate use, as well as for state needs;

- unauthorized construction;

- imposition of boundaries and land patch;

- water protection zones and stripes, red lines, sanitary protection zones;

- illegal land grab, raiding.

If you have questions on the above topics, we invite you to participate in the seminar!

Date and venue of seminars in the districts of the region:

1. 14.01.2019, 14.00 h. - Enbekshikazakhsky district, village of Esik, number 320 College of Economics and Humanities;

2. 15.01.2019, 14.00 h. – Zhambyl district, Uzynagash village, Abai street No. 56, building of the regional akimat;

3. 16.01.2019, 14.00 h. – Ili district, s.Otegen batyr;

4. 17.01.2019, 14.00 h. – Karasai district, Kaskelen;

5. 18.01.2019, 14.00 h. – Talgar district, Talgar, st. Konayeva, 65, building of the regional akimat.

Additional information can be obtained by phone numbers  87078266570 (Whatsup), 87016581013, 8 (7282) 241191 - responsible specialist of the department Kazhmuhanuly Oral.

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